Application of “Made in Banat” brand strategy
Why having a “Made in Banat” brand?
Surveys and statistics show that 70% of industrial exports of Romania are lohn-based, reaching 90% in light industry. Products incorporating few components made in Romania are exported, made with low labor cost and low or negative value added. Consequently, consumption of products made in Romania must be strongly supported.
The consumer’s perception regarding the origin of products is that products made in the country or in the region are considered of lower quality as those imported. For this reason, foreign products and services are purchased with no justification of quality-price ratio. In order to boost consumption of local products, national, regional and local brands must be fully encouraged and supported.
Thus, “Made in Banat” project occurs within a social-economic climate where encouraging people to buy regional products has become almost hilarious.
Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture as lead partner of the project as well as the partners can provide useful information, upon request, on implementation procedures of Made in Banat concept.  The necessary documentation will be submitted for approval to any of the project partners.
After that, an administrative evaluation will be performed to ensure compliance with criteria set in the procedure and in collaboration with relevant experts, a concrete verification of products/services will be performed as per said procedure.
Results of documentation and product/services checks will be sent to the experts group for approval in order to decide on the application of “Made in Banat” brand on those products/services.  Representatives of the Joint Monitoring Committee belong to this group of experts along with representatives of partner organizations and relevant experts from Romania and Serbia.
Based on resources made available in the project, 11 products/services from Romania and Serbia will be awarded “Made in Banat” brand certificate.  Products/services branded “Made in Banat” will be then monitored, in order to preserve the criteria on which they were certified.
Other products/services will be able to bear the “Made in Banat” brand during the project sustainability stage.