Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timis county, promoter of successful businesses
A favorable geographical position and privileged situated in the Vest of Romania, with a significantly economical potential and dynamic economical environment, an attractive investment potential, with a fully developing infrastructure, high qualified workforce, an international life style with multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism an efficient and dynamic public  private partnership - these are just a few examples from the assets that make Timisoara and Timis county a good choice for successful business. With a sustainable reputation which was strengthened and it is still strengthening by an intelligent economical competitiveness. In over 23 years since the resumption of business, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Timis is credited to have deserved to winning this reputation.
Founded in 1850 by the High decision of the Franz Josef Emperor, to trades initiative of those times and had the activity until 1949 when the communist government has suspended the activity of the Chambers of Commerce on the Romanian territory, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Timis county is the first Romanian chamber of commerce that has retaken the activity in Mach 1990.
Fulfilling its mission as the leading business environment, CCIAT Timis represents  and sustains the interests of its members and of the business  communities in Timis County, West Region, historical Banat and Euro region DKMT (Danube- Cris- Mures, Tisa) in the Associations created on his initiative and suggestion.
 CCIAT Timis promotes and facilitates the collaboration between the business environment and local governmental  institutions, regional and national for developing the innovation, the technological transfer and increasing the competitiveness of the business environment, offering personalized services for the created entities: Regional Business Center, Promotion of Industrial Regional Center of Industrial Property Protection, Regional Center of Standardization, Information Technology Center- COMPETECH, Center for Promotion and Certification of Clusters, Regional Center for Sustainable Development of the Historical Banat, Dispute Mediation Center.
Through the structure of its members who derive over 60% from the business turnover of the county, CCIAT proves that is a strong business partner, a dialogue partner recognized by the deciders.
For the benefit of its members CCIAT is implementing a large and complex  informational program of companies regarding the European  financing and regularity for different activities sections. CCIAT also supports the enterprises within the decisional of EU by channeling the comments, the view points and observations of the entrepreneurs to the European decisional factors by organizing panels business consulting in areas of interest.
Through the impressive number of European projects it carries, as managing partner and/ or CCIAT partner, offers to companies the free of charge title, the largest and diversified range of services which cover all the aspects related of doing business in a legislative and socio-economical context which is in a permanent movement: business information and opportunities, networking, consultation, access to funding, professional training, logistical resources, promotion, establishing contacts, organizations of economical events.
Therefore the quality of being a CCIAT member is the best visit card in the relationship with the Romanian and foreigners partners, giving them a plus of confidence.
A premiere for Romanian- Serbian the cross border region, this project proposes to relaunch  the regional products, awareness of the public and stimulation of the consumption of the products under the “Made in Banat” brand, once with the increase of competitiveness of SMEs which produce regional specific products.
Stimulating capacity promotion, innovation and sale of the regional products as well as the increase the products quality, promote of economical increase of SMEs in cross border area Romania-Serbia, stimulating of cross border collaboration and balanced development of the area- are the specific objectives of the project.
The tradition, talent, perseverance and the power to transform a name into reputation are the qualities of a successful company. Through this project, the companies in Romania-Serbia cross border region which will be given the brand Made in Banat, will offer the economical identity to the historical Banat.
The project Made in Banat represents a new milestone in strengthening the collaboration relationship between Serbia and Romania in all its areas.
Therefore I would like to thank to all out project partners- ADETIM  Regional Economic Chambers  Pancevo, Zrenjanin and Kikinda for the involvement in this project, that proves once again that Banat is a  model for cross border cooperation and European integration.
I would also like to wish a lot of luck to the project team, working capacity and trust in future.
Georgica CORNU
President of CCIAT Timis
Timis County Council, Economic and Social Development Agency Timis – ADETIM
The Socio- Economic Development Agency of Timis (ADETIM) is proud to be a partner of the Project Made in Banat, whose overall objective is to increase the competitiveness of SMEs from both Romania and Serbia that produces specific products of the region.
Over 18 years of experience in domain of initiation, progress and management of local and projects economical growth, as well as the realized services and obtained results in domain of assistance sector SMEs and in the sector of professional improvement of the local public government  administration consists the card and the expression of ADETIM employees competence.
ADETIM is a public service subordinated by the Timis county Council. The agency is one of the main organizational tools created by the Timis County Council for economic development of the county and represents the interface between the public local administration and private sector, promotional center for the best policies, methods and practices of economic development being specialized in economic development of the county. The ADETIM Experience in implementing  development  projects the warranty of the performance of the success of a project.
ADETIM is a public institution specialized in economical local development with competence and responsibilities in the process of supporting the socio-economic development of  Timis county, for identifying the problems which prevents the economic development of the Timis County, finding an adequate solution, initiating and implementing projects in order to solve these problems.
ADETIM has accumulated rich experience in the area of Cross Border Program through the projects which are running for Timis County Council, or other institutions of public administration:
Rehabilitation of the county road DJ 592 Buzias-Lugoj, Km 25+000-54+200, L=29.2 km;
Rehabilitation of the county road DJ 682, Arad-Periam
Saravale-Sannicolau Mare, km 129+200 –153+200  L=24 km;
- city ring road of Buzias city L= 4,3 km
- feasibility study for modernization of the access road Cruceni – PFT Iacsa Tomici;
- modarnization of the county road DJ 592D between Lugoj- Racovita – Bacova, km 1+900 – km 33+700; L=31,8 km.
Currently, ADETIM is implied in the coordinating partner of the following projects:
- integrated network for cross border cooperation above the RO-SE border by establishment / strengthening of county agencies and promote economic development;
-cexploting of the touristic potential, county, county and crossborder- Timisoara, the gateway to the  Romanian-Serbian Danube area.
- Euroregion cooperation in order to consolidate the capacity for the implementation of economy-energy-regeneration technologies ILETE-SAVE initiative for the energy consumption control;
Feasiibility study Center for regional intermodal Fraight Transport Timisoara.
ADETIM also has an important role in administration of the Technological and Industrial Parc Timisoara which supports the development of SMEs in the following areas: software, IT and communication, electronics and electrotechics, automotive, other types of industries which uses environmentally friendly technologies, production activities which use slightly polluting technologies, logistics.
Director ADETIM
Regional Chamber of Commerce Pancevo
Pančevo Regional Economic Chamber, whose members are companies, entrepreneurs and all those who conduct economic activities across South Banat District, has over 35 years experience in providing high quality services and customer-oriented: organization of presentations company and product, promotion campaigns, national and international fairs and exhibitions, partnerships and business meetings, conferences and thematic workshops, information and business consulting.
Meanwhile, the Chamber of  Pančevo  has collaborated and also improved the quality of this collaboration with all major institutions and organizations from the country and abroad that contribute to improving the life qualitu and increase the competitiveness of companies in the region.
In the past 10 years, chambers of commerce from historical Banat have participated together in the successful implementation of several European projects aimed in enhancing cross-border cooperation in various fields.
Participation in the project Made in Banat of  the Pančevo Chamber means the continuation of a long collaboration and traditional between Banat and Chambers of commerce. The Pančevo CER conducted as coordinating partner two projects funded by IPA CBC Romania - Serbia border initiative for research, development and cooperation between institutions in the educational, economic and scientific of the historical Banat as a contribution in improving competitiveness and regional identity, in concordance with European Union standards and support for SMEs - the engine of regional development.
Therefore, we believe that this experience is an excellent base for future development projects.
Integration of Serbia into the European Union and economic changes that need to align economic entities, with a focus on sustainable economic development and intelligence, requires a dynamic approach and immediate integration.
In response to market demands of EU,” Made in Banat” project implementation will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs in Serbia and Romania, developing and promoting specific regional products.
Presedinte of Pancevo Chamber
Regional Economic Chamber Zrenjanin
Regional Economic Chamber Zrenjanin has an important role in Central Banat region and support, having an experience of 38 years and 20 projects developed successfully implement the project Made in Banat.
Camera Zrenjanin a derulat mai multe proiecte in parteneriat cu camerele de comert din Banatul istoric, care au avut un impact pozitiv asupra zonei transfrontaliere si care au contribuit la intarirea relatiilor de colaborare dintre cele doua tari.
President of Chamber of Commerce Zrenjanin
Kikinda Regional Economic Chamber
Kikinda Regional Economic Chamber is proud to be a partner of “Made in Banat” whose general objective is to increase the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in Romania and Serbia which produce ​​region-specific products.
We have over a decade of experience in implementing European projects in the field of female entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education (Women's Entrepreneurship Academy, 03SER01/06/012 project funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction, in the period October 2005 - November 2006), tourism (Kikinda Mammoth project funded by 03SER01/06015 European Agency for Reconstruction, in November 2005 - November 2006), increasing awareness of the importance of EU membership, development and promotion of SMEs, to increase the competitiveness of companies in Serbia border region - Romania, other areas .
Moreover, Chamber of Kikinda implemented over 12 projects with partners in Zrenjanin Chamber, Chamber of Pančevo and the coordinating partner, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timis. Here are some of them:
Euro Regional Competitiveness Partnership (RO 2004/016-943.01.01.02, financed under the Romania-Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation in 2004, in December 2006 - November 2007);
Sustainable Development Border of historical Banat (RO 2006/018-448.01.02.06, financed under the Romania-Serbia CBC 2006, September 2008 - September 2009);
Regional Center for Sustainable Development of Banat (RO 2006/018-448.01.01.11, financed under the Romania-Serbia CBC 2006, September 2008 - November 2009).
The success enjoyed these projects among the business community is the pledge of a good project implementations “Made in Banat”.
We can also say that CCIAT is our best partner to carry out projects financed by IPA CBC Romania - Serbia and will be a pleasure to collaborate again with our colleagues at Timisoara in implementing this new project.
Tibor SEBEK 
Presedinte Camera Kikinda