Project results
- Stimulating the interest of SME’s and of  all entities interested in taking advantage from the opportunities offered by "Made in Banat" brand, located in the cross-border region, in Timis County - Romania and the districts of Central Banat, Northern Banat and Southern Banat – Serbia.
- Media campaigns, promotional materials and information on the project and on how to award the "Made in Banat" brand.
- The branding procedure is a tool of recognition for the quality of specific regional products and services.
- Setting up a joint cooperation network made up of local/regional actors to support economic development of Banat region and stimulate cross-border cooperation between Romania and Serbia within the Cooperation Pact.
- Access to relevant information such as business networking, contact with organizations that can contribute to firms development, identification of business opportunities within the project database.
- Theoretical and practical information for supporting economic development of businesses and raising awarenenss of the importance of regional products, as promoted under the "Made in Banat" brand.
- Promotion of products/services affiliated to the brand or intending to be branded by means of two exhibitions orgnized by  the Economic Regional Chamber of  Pancevo and by Economic Regional Chamber of Zrenjanin.
- Dissemination of project results and ensuring the project sustainability within the final conference organized in Timisoara.