About Project

Made in Banat Project
The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timis, as lead partner, Timis County Council, the Timis Economic – Social Development Agency (ADETIM), The Regional Economic Chamber of Pancevo, The Regional Economic Chamber of Zrenjanin and The Regional Economic Chamber of Kikinda are implementing the Project Made in Banat , within a period of 18 months, starting november 2013.
The project is financed under IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania – Serbia, Priority Axis 1: Economic – Social Development, Measure 1.3: Promoting SME Development.
The project is a response to the general objective of IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania – Serbia, aiming at increasing the global competitiveness of cross-border economy.
The Project aims to look for solutions for solving the common problems in the cross-border region, especially the lack of competitiveness of regional products and services.
The project activities aim at joint actions in order to bring added value to the cross-border competitiveness, such as: workshops on interesting topics such as efficient production, human resource management, organizational management, quality systems, innovation, ecological products and technologies, exchange of good practices.
It will also be realized a common data base which for will be created a cross- border network, designed  to support the business and improving the marketing for regional cross border products under the “Made In Banat” brand. The purposeful activities of the partners is to develop the small and medium enterprises from the cross border region, raising the quality of life in border communities by promoting high quality products.
The main objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises which produce products that are specific for the region of Romania and Serbia. The project aims to reduce the gap of the two regions situated at the border between Romania and Serbia in order for small and medium enterprises from the region can have a larger market for the sale of the regional specific products.
The specific objectives of the project are:
Stimulation capacity promotion, innovation and sale of the regional products and  improve the quality of products , of small and medium enterprise from the cross border area.
The small and medium enterprises are considered as engines of the economic development because they represent 80% of the economical global growth. In recent years the market conditions have dramatically changed and the SMEs are facing new challenges related to costs, quality, delivery, flexibility and development of human resources.
The project aims to provide information and necessary tools to increase the market increase of regional products and services, providing workshops for Romanian and Serbian enterprises. The companies will be able to obtain the information on different topics: human resources, organizational management, the efficiency of the production, quality systems, ecological technologies, innovation and best practices for accessing European funds.
Promoting the economic growth of SMEs in the cross border area and release of the regional products under the brand “Made in Banat”.
The economists have proved a strong link between competitiveness and brand names, symbols, logos, drafts and designs. The cross border region has a reputation as a provider of high quality products. The preferences of the consumers have changed, they prefer regional products to the detriment of imported products. The project aims to create the “Made in Banat” brand to be applied on all the specific products, regional, in order to increase the competitiveness of the producers on market and global competiveness of the region.
Stimulating cross border cooperation and balanced development.
In the cross- border area the economic development is unequal, that can be solved by stimulating the cooperation between Romania and Serbia. The project aims to create a platform, a common database which will include SMEs, business support organizations, public bodies  to work together in order to stimulate the cross border cooperation. The platform will host a virtual exhibition with companies from Romania and Serbia with high quality regional products.
Target group of the project is formed of SMEs from Timis county (Romania) ; Districts of the Central Banat, North Banat and South Banat ( Serbia), the potential buyers of regional products/ services and mass-media representatives from cross border region. By selecting this target groups has as goal the dissemination of the project’s results and the ensuring of its sustainability.
The project has the following important objectives:
Organizing in Timisoara of a conference for releasing the project “Made in Banat” with the participation of SMEs interested in this project and also providing  brand “Made in Banat” strategy, regional mass-media as well as the representatives of local public administration which may contribute  to the successful implementation of the project.
Elaboration of the procedure for granting the brand “Made in Banat”: principles and criteria for SMEs that produce specific regional products and services. The basic criteria of the procedure are closely related to competitiveness with a focus on new technologies, human resources, organizational management, production efficiency, environmental technologies, waste management. Working group for the elaboration of the procedure of brand “Made in Banat” which consists of technical experts, representatives and partners and of several institutions from Romania and Serbia. After the development process of the  application of the criteria, the project partners will be selected, initially a total of  5 companies from Romania and 6 companies from Serbia which to be accorded brand “Made in Banat”.
Creating a network of cross-border economic common cooperation consists of the selected companies to wear the brand, project partners, the organizations represented by technical experts, NGOs, research institutions and other interested organizations in supporting the development of the economic development of the region.
Achieving a common of cross border common databases and web- site of the project, including organizations and members of cooperation network that can support the development of the SMEs.
Organization of 10 workshops (5 in Romania and 5 in Serbia) on the following topics: new technologies, human resources, streamlining production, innovation, joint participation of the firms from the region. Within each workshop will be present the brand “Made in Banat” and the importance of the regional identity in increasing the economic competiveness of the cross border cooperation.
Organization of cross border business events, exhibitions related program doubled - from project partners in Pancevo and Zrenjanin with the participation of the 40 exhibitors of which 10 from Romania.
Creating of a virtual exhibition to promote the local and regional products.
Organization in Timisoara of the project closing conference for the presentation of results and ensuring its sustainability.